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We help businesses unlock the power of native advertising on their website.
Our product is created with empathy for small vendors, a first-principle approach, and cutting edge technology.
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How it started

Francisco came from Chile to Stanford for an MBA. He took a marketplace design class with Michael and kept in touch for years after. Regina started a DTC brand in school and ended up selling most of the products through retail and online advertising was a hard puzzle she could not understand.

Through random chances of life and its events - the three met. Regina being a former small vendor with need for diverse advertising tools, Francisco an engineer that builds systems at scale, and Michael the brilliant economist with faith in simple product designs - decided to start a company together.

After two weeks of running excel spreadsheets full of naming ideas where the three went through many combinations of names - they settled on Topsort as the company name and started working (finally)!

Technology Meets Human Empathy

Cookie free, future-friendly, made to scale

Vendor empathy

We get how hard advertising has become on platforms like Amazon and Google. The aim of our platform is to empower you to advertise without needing a degree in economics or auction theory.

First-principle economics

Building and running an ad platform in-house will take loads of time and resources. We’ve broken down the difficulties with marketplace design and created novel solutions with Topsort.


We use the best tools and technologies to build our software. You get self-service tools, real-time updates, automatic bid adjustments, and ad infrastructure that scales.

@regina (Regina Ye)

Cofounder and CEO

Regina is a classic Gen-Z entrepreneur who secretly wishes she can just be a full-time beauty influencer. She studied computer science and philosophy (fun fact she read all the books written by Plato and Aristotle at the age of 16 in New Mexico’s high deserts) and started an ecommerce company Zirui in college. She later decided to embark on a career as a product manager and found herself back to her entrepreneurial itch.

@mike (Michael Ostrovsky)

Cofounder and Chief Scientist

Mike, a math genius as the movie goes - a beautiful mind. He won the international math olympiad gold medal as a teenager with a perfect score and then gained his PHD at Harvard to quickly turn tenure as a professor at Stanford Business School. He did economic research with Nobel Prize Laureates such as Paul Milgrom and Alvin Roth, and wrote the paper that built the foundation for Internet Advertising. Over the past 2 decades he’s worked with the best names in advertising and tech, from Yahoo to Google, to Linkedin and Pinterest and he believes firmly in the power of simplification and how auction-based advertising can work in much simpler and long-tail marketplaces.

@wicha (Francisco Larrain)

Cofounder and CTO

Francisco, a son of a single mom who grew up Jewish in a Catholic society in Chile and found engineering a safe heaven and also a fun game to obsess with. He is the first Chilean entrepreneur to exit a startup to silicon Valley. Formerly a hedge fund analyst, he led engineering at Groupon for 5 years to build out its merchant system. He was a venture investor and now spends all of his time thinking about Topsort’s engineering puzzles.

Global Team with A Local Approach

Let’s Grow Together

It’s a fun journey

We pride ourselves for being a competitive and collaborative sports team. We help each other carry the weight and score the goal. On the fields, we’re focused and work hard. Off the fields, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, play hard, and make sure we have fun and enjoy life in our own ways.

We're looking for growth minded amazing talent to join our fast growing team.

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Building The Next Generation of Advertising Tools..

Yahoo pioneered fixed placements and the original ad unit sales.
Amazon Ads is now the most profitable part of Amazon’s business and makes Amazon almost 30 Billion dollars a year
Google started using auctions to sell off some side placements, that eventually took over and became Google Adwords.
Simple product with a universal approach - advertising that’s intuitive, accessible, and clean

Unique Set of Product and APIs That Just Makes Sense..

Topsort is democratizing the exclusive and powerful monetization technology behind some of the most successful marketplaces in the world. The core offering is a set of auction-powered tools and APIs that help marketplaces and online retailers accelerate their growth while creating better relevance, profit, and user happiness.


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