“We’ve been speaking about auction-based sponsored listings internally for years...”

Topsort answers all your needs in terms of a native advertising solution with an auction engine and the ability to scale quickly. Start monetizing in 2-4 weeks, not years.

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How Topsort works

Auctions run in as little as 10 milliseconds at 10,000 requests per second.
Most teams integrate in 2 weeks with 2 sprint tickets.
Simple integration
Topsort does all the heavy lifting for your marketpalce to start running native promoted listings that actually convert.
Invite your vendors
Topsort’s ultra-friendly UX and proprietary Autobidding features are designed to drive vendor adoption.
Start running auctions!
Our auctions run in as little as 10 milliseconds at 10,000 requests per second so we can keep up with your fast-moving vendors!

Full-package or white-labeled API

We offer both an off-the-shelf integration for speed and ease, or a fully customized UI that looks and feels just like your brand.
Vendor Dashboard
Where vendors create campaigns, promote their listings, and gain better traction to attention and sales. Campaign creation is so simple, even inexperienced vendors can easily participate.
World-class Economics Design
Our team has more than 20 years of domain expertise in this field. Our past projects include building promoted listings at Yahoo, Google, Linkedin and Pinterest.
Mobile-friendly API
Our integration is both web and mobile-friendly, and, it’s blazingly fast. We can achieve auction results at 10ms at 10,000 requests per second.
Marketplace Admin Controls
You and your team can have a birdseye view into the marketplace performance, your ad revenue, sales to ad ratio, and can assist vendors with necessary granularity.

We own a proprietary technology

Our team has spent over 20 years in the digital ad space mastering what works and what doesn’t. We spent time keeping our product simple for all stakeholders: marketplaces, vendors and end-users.
Auto Pacing
We match the ad spend to the site traffic, optimizing spending for advertisers to capture the best time windows to enhance the user experience
Real-time Performance
All clicks are reported in our system in real-time. Vendors feel much more confident investing in a system where they have real-time control over the results and can see reporting right away.
Bid Suggestion
How much should I bid for a click? Doing the math for hundreds of products can be annoying and inefficient; Topsort provides bid suggestions using our proprietary algorithm to maximize clicks and conversions.
Auto-Bidding & Return Guarantee
To further the cost-per-click ads model, we designed a proprietary auto-bidding feature in which vendors only need to input a budget and time period, we will take care of the rest. We can even guarantee a 2x-4x return depending on the marketplace.

We take care of the heavy lifting

So you can focus the most on your product experience
Chasing payments can be tough. As a marketplace, you surely already know how to pay your vendors, but do you know how to charge from your vendors?
Click Fraud
Did this click actually happen? We have built in clickfraud to ensure the integrity of our maths, and provide transparent real-time report.
Customizable Reporting
Impressions, clicks, sales, conversions. Marketplaces and vendors can customize reports and download data to generate reports. We also offer an API for data export.
GDPR Compliance
We care about privacy, and promoting your marketplace's native content allows our Sponsored Listings to be highly relevant to the users while at the same time being fully GDPR compliant.