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Scaling is hard enough, why make monetization harder? Topsort providers top-notch ad server and auction-based infrastructure solutions that are fast, easy to use, and deliver great results.

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Speed is everything in Delivery.

Topsort is fast too! We partner with top delivery apps across different geographies and markets to scale auction-based advertising fast and easy.

Advanced Features for Ambitious Goals

“We’ve been speaking about auction-based Sponsored Listings internally for years..” Topsort offers an easy solution to make that happen at scale, with low risk and quickly.

Improve profit margin

We match the ad spend to the site traffic, optimizing spending for advertisers to capture the best time windows to enhance the user experience.

Advertisers management & control

How much should I bid for a click? Doing the math for hundreds of products can be annoying and inefficient; Topsort provides bid suggestions using our proprietary algorithm to maximize clicks and conversions.

Auto-bidding & return guarantee

To further the cost-per-click ads model, we designed a proprietary auto-bidding feature in which vendors only need to input a budget and time period, we will take care of the rest. We can even guarantee a 2x-4x return depending on the marketplace.

Real-time performance

All clicks are reported in our system in real-time. Vendors feel much more confident investing in a system where they have real-time control over the results and can see reporting right away.

API First Approach

We offer both an off-the-shelf integration for speed and ease, or just the infrastructure for you team to build on top of and owning the whole  user experience.

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Intuitive product, sophisticated technology, made to support small vendors and big CPG brands alike.

Geo Targeting

Bid vectors can be customized to target cities or any other variables you'd like. Topsort offers maximum flexibility where you can customize the best approach for your marketplace.

Financial Accuracy

You sure know how to pay your vendors. But taking payments from vendors on advertising introduces another layer of complexity. Topsort's system is made with accounting grade accuracy so every click is traceable.

Autobidding & ROI Guarantee

The proprietary bidding technology that makes advertising accessible and effective for busy vendors and internal teams. With Topsort's autobidding, you can even set the ROI targets and get minimum return assurance.

Real-time Analytics

Vendors love real-time results. Every click, impression, and purchase are registered in real-time. Transparency brings adoption and engagement, hence long-term profitability for your marketplace.

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