Bid pricing is hard… At scale, it's really hard! Let autobidding and second price auctions set optimal bid prices that get your advertisers their performance goals.

Simplify How You Advertise


Choose products, check off autobidding!

Just specify products to promote, a budget, and time frame and turn on autobidding.


Dynamic bid adjustments

Autobidding dynamically adjusts bids to ever-changing auction environment factors to save you time and money.


Happy advertisers and vendors

Advertisers get a hassle-free experience and vendors see high returns!

Optimized for Performance

Our ML algorithms determine the optimal bid price for your ad campaigns’ success.

Dynamic Adjustments

Stay ahead of the game with bids that factor in time of day, location, keywords, and more.

Discover the True Value of Your Product... Instantly

Without autobidding, setting a bid price is very labor intensive.

Before, you’d have to hire and train teams that know how to forecast changing marketplace conditions and use third-party adtech–or build it in-house–to automate bidding. It’s way too costly on your time and resources to do any of that.

Autobidding takes care of all your bid setting woes! Just set it and forget it... until you come back to see big returns.

Linio’s A/B Test:Topsort vs Legacy Solution

We compared Linio’s performance when using Topsort vs Legacy Solution M. Our results showed 5x better CPC and CTR performance than M.

The secret sauce to success? Topsort’s autobidding and quality scoring models.

Up to 80%
Higher conversion rates
Company revenue
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Read more about the magic of autobidding!

Autobidding is gamechanging for advertisers. What is autobidding, and why has it become so popular?

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