Advertising is like a marathon. You need to pace your budget spending! In ad auction marathons, we'll do the running for you by spending your budget evenly over time and optimizing your returns. See you at the finish line.

Bid at the best times

We track when your site gets more clicks and purchases, predict future site traffic, and automatically enter you into auctions where you get high returns.

Stay on top of marketplace changes

To optimize campaigns, you don't need to stay awake 24/7! Our tech tracks changes and spreads out bids throughout days and nights–even weekends and holidays.

How it works

Say that you set an ongoing campaign duration with a monthly budget of $500. You run the campaign for a week, but it happens to be Cyber Monday. What an expensive time to fight for ad space!

Without pacing, we could spend your entire budget in a few days on expensive placements. With pacing, we pace out your budget spending for later in the week, when there are less expensive placements with stronger returns.

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