Quality Scoring

Relevancy and results that work with your relevance logic. Trust that you’re always displaying high performing, relevant products that guarantee you high returns.

Connect with Your Customers

Customers engage with products they take interest in. Our algorithm recieves that info and shows them products we predict they’ll click on.

Monetize Strategically: Ride the Success of Popular Products

Winning ads will generate more clicks and purchases, while increasing user engagement.

Increase Your CTR, Improve Your Quality Score

Having a 30-40% CTR increases a product’s quality score. High quality means high rankings, which lets them win auctions.

Ready for high relevancy and returns?

Topsort's auction model favors both relevancy and high bids. Even if Apple bid exorbitant amounts, not everyone is buying Macbooks. In this example, if you show them the most popular Dell laptop instead, it will make more than if you sell to the highest bidder.

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Linio’s A/B Test:
Topsort vs Legacy Solution

The data model Topsort built to predict ad quality scores and conversion rates improved Linio's results on the fly.

Up to 80%
Higher conversion rates
Company revenue
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